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Cultivating a New You Virtual Course

As you move forward on this journey of cultivating a new you, you will work on three core areas of your life. The three core areas are “Renewing Your Mind”, “Rebuilding Your Body”, and “Restoring Your Soul”. We will go into more teaching in each of these areas.


Renewing Your Mind

This core area speaks to the Wholeness in Your Mind. We will discuss renewing your mind by searching within ourselves the following:

- Your Mindset Matter
- What are You Thinking?
- Your True Identity

Rebuilding Your Body

This core area speaks to the Wholeness in Your Body. We will discuss rebuilding your body as we learn the importance of :

- Temple Maintenance
- Foods that Fuel You
- Body Movement

Restoring Your Soul

This core area speaks to the Wholeness in Your Soul. We will discuss restoring the soul as we build our lives spiritually through the Word of God. The topics will be:

- Establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ
- Building a stronger prayer life
- Studying the Word of God


"Thanks to Mrs. Sonya Wilson-Bailey's divine obedience to God, I have been made aware of how important my mindset is to serve my own divine purpose.  Cultivating a New Me required me to look at whom I am while relying on God's Word. Every teaching is Scripture-based and true to God's Word. The Cultivating a New You program has been a six-week journey that changed not only my mindset but given me life.  Thank you again for serving your divine purpose and blessing me with your gifts. I am excited to see what God is going to do next to make us the best Whole Women in Progress that we can be."
- Tamara, Charleston, SC

"I would like to thank Coach Sonya, for her genuine heart to help women to change inwardly. Through her class, I was able to identify areas within that held me back from reaching my next level of potential. Thank you for my breakthrough. It was refreshing."
- SB, South Carolina 

"I enjoyed this course. It has been very helpful. It has reminded me to make myself a priority at all times. I will implement letting go of the past, expectations, and or challenges. And instead, focus on the present."
- LH, Maryland

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